Saturday, August 10, 2013

BEDA Day 10: Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of BEDA!

Today I am going to be talking about eye cream, specifically the Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment. 

First off, eye cream is really important, especially in your twenties. Teens do not need to worry about eye cream but in your twenties you will start to see changes to your under eye area. Maybe it is a little dry, you can notice dark circles, fine lines, crows feet, or even thinness. Each and every one of you will experience different concerns and you should find an eye cream that is suited directly for you.

I have dark circles, always have and although they are said to be incurable, I have read success stories, maybe not in completely removing them but dramatically reducing their appearance.

Some tips to reduce dark circles:

1) Get more sleep: lack of sleep causes darks circles so more sleep helps reduce them.
2) Drink more water: Water makes everything better and your skin more replenished.
3) Wear sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays.
4) Use SPF: Again, protect your eyes from the sun.
5) Eat vitamin c: Vitamin C has brightening properties so it can brighten your skin when you consume it.

I have always used cheaper, drugstore eye creams and did not see any results so I decided to try something that was a little more pricier and that was specifically designed to brighten my eye area so I had high hopes for this eye cream. I have used this eye cream for about six months so I had more than enough time to evaluate its performance. Sadly it did not perform for me on many levels. Firstly, this eye cream is very light which may work for some people but as my under eye area is a little on the dry side and although I do not need a cream that is too heavy this was very thin and I'm not sure it would work for many people unless maybe you have an oily under eye area. Secondly, this did not do what it claimed. It did not brighten my eye area at all; in fact, with six months of dedicated daily usage, I did not see any difference in terms of brightening in my eye area and is this is the creams only claim it was quite sad that I saw no improvement. The last complaint I had about this eye cream is its irritation. I noticed that many times when I put this eye cream on at night my eyes would water and I actually read a review on MakeUpAlley that had the same exact complaint so I think that some of the ingredients may be too strong to use around the eye area.

Now I typically love Korres products but this simply did not provide me any benefits and all the effects for me were negative. I will not be repurchasing this in the future. I hope this review helped you in your decisions.

I hope you enjoyed Day 10 of BEDA!

Stay Happy!

- Cate W.

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