Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In The Kitchen With Cate: Butter Dip Biscuits (Original Recipe by The Country Cook)

Hello again everyone,

Today I am back with a Cooking post! Yaaay!!

I found this awesome, simple recipe for Butter Dip Biscuits from Brandie who runs The Country Cook and decided to share it with you.

These biscuits are so versatile, you can add some melted butter and eat them plain, have them as a side with dinner, or even add jam and eat them for breakfast.

Let's get on to the recipe and PICTURES!!!

*Disclaimer: This recipe is owned by Brandie and her website www.thecountrycook.net and I just recreated it. You can find the original recipe by clicking on any of the pictures below. 

First Step is to melt your Butter in your baking pan 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cleanser Spotlight: Nivea Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Hello everyone,

I am back, this time with a much needed skincare post.

I am bring back the "Cleanser Spotlight" series on the blog and I thought I would start with a review of a really awesome one by Nivea and it is their Refreshing Gel Cleanser...

*Clicking on the image below will bring you to purchasing info. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Little Holiday Baking

Hello everyone,

If you remember from my last post I told you all that I was doing a baking session with my friend for the holiday season and I thought I would share with you some pictures of what we made in case any of you were interested.

As always, if you click on the pictures it will take you to the recipe pages.

*Disclaimer: None of the recipes featured were created by me, all credit goes to the owners which you can find by clicking on the photos below.

Chai Spiced Sugar Cookies 


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to leave you a very special holiday message:
                   MERRY CHRISTMA

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families, friends, and loved ones celebrating, eating delicious food, and most importantly being with the people that you love and care for the most.

    * Image is from a Christmas Card I received this year.


          Cate W.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Life In Pictures + An Update

Hello Everyone,

Time for another post but before I do I thought I would do a little update...

So my exams are over and I thought I would ramp up the posts. Aside from work I will be free as a bird which means, reading, watching holiday movies and writing blog posts.

I want to start doing more review posts. I have been giving my skin a break the past couple of months  but I have been starting to try some new products lately so I definitely have some reviews on the horizon.

Also expect a best of 2013 post coming in January!!!

Today's post is going to be pictures of my week (since my last blog post). I thought it would be fun because it is going to add a little personal touch to the blog but I also wanted to make this post small because I am having a big Christmas baking session tonight with my best friend (we do it every year and I look forward to it as one of my favourite holiday traditions) and I am thinking of documenting it so there should be a post up soon hopefully by Saturday evening so that you can have time to recreate it for Christmas.

I have had a busy week so hope you enjoy these pictures. Don't forget you can always interact in the comments below my telling me what your week was like or even Tweeting me pictures :)

I went over to work to drop off this gift for my pregnant co-worker who is leaving on mat leave. I have heard so many good things about these swaddle blankets and the little green bird was even seen on the little Prince George when he was leaving the hospital this summer. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY: Easy Body Scrub

Hello everyone,

So another week has gone by and we are closer to Christmas and Kwanza so I thought I would do an easy, inexpensive DIY gift for you all today that you can make for your loved ones this Holiday Season.

I usually do half home-made gifts for my friends each year so I always looks for affordable gift ideas that aren't too complicated because I am not so crafty.

I was browsing blogs and came across this wonderful DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub from the blog The Idea Room and I thought I would share my experiences of making this with you.

*Disclaimer: This recipe was taken from Amy at www.theidearoom.com and belongs to her. I am just trying out this DIY myself. You can always visit Amy's site and find the original recipe by clicking on the images below.

First things first

You need 1 cup of Granulated Sugar. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

In the Kitchen With Cate: Greek Marinated Chicken (Original Recipe by Budget Bytes)

Hello Hello Friends,

I hope you are all ready for the Holiday Season that is among us. Hanukkah ends tonight so I wish those who celebrate a very happy evening spent with family and friends!!!

If you celebrate Christmas do you have your tree up yet? and How far along on your shopping list are you?

Today I was going to do a November Favourites post like I do each month but I only had a couple products to show so it wasn't worth it so I decided to do a cooking post instead. I also won't be doing a December Favourites, instead I will be doing a best of 2013 post at the end of December or early January.

I haven't done a real legit cooking post in quite a while. I did a Taco Recipe back in October but that was not too formal. My last formal cooking post was when I made Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Thighs back in August so this is long overdue.

*I decided to title my cooking posts "In the Kitchen with Cate" just for fun. If you have any clever name suggestions, throw them my way!!!

I love the blog Budget Bytes. Beth offers really amazing recipes that are easy to make and on a great budget. She even lets you know how much everything will run you.

You all know how much I love chicken and making easy chicken recipes well I found Beth's Greek Marinated Chicken  and I decided to try it for myself and share it with you in case you haven't seen it.

*Disclaimer: This recipe is owned by Beth from budgetbytes.com and can be found here. I did not come up with this recipe. Sole credit goes to Beth and her amazing website.

For full recipe ingredients list and instructions make sure to head over to Beth's site by clicking here or by clicking on any of the images.

These are all the ingredients!

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