Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Life In Pictures + An Update

Hello Everyone,

Time for another post but before I do I thought I would do a little update...

So my exams are over and I thought I would ramp up the posts. Aside from work I will be free as a bird which means, reading, watching holiday movies and writing blog posts.

I want to start doing more review posts. I have been giving my skin a break the past couple of months  but I have been starting to try some new products lately so I definitely have some reviews on the horizon.

Also expect a best of 2013 post coming in January!!!

Today's post is going to be pictures of my week (since my last blog post). I thought it would be fun because it is going to add a little personal touch to the blog but I also wanted to make this post small because I am having a big Christmas baking session tonight with my best friend (we do it every year and I look forward to it as one of my favourite holiday traditions) and I am thinking of documenting it so there should be a post up soon hopefully by Saturday evening so that you can have time to recreate it for Christmas.

I have had a busy week so hope you enjoy these pictures. Don't forget you can always interact in the comments below my telling me what your week was like or even Tweeting me pictures :)

I went over to work to drop off this gift for my pregnant co-worker who is leaving on mat leave. I have heard so many good things about these swaddle blankets and the little green bird was even seen on the little Prince George when he was leaving the hospital this summer. 

I attended a friends pre-Christmas party and we wound up with this 22 pound turkey. It was absolutely delicious and it was my friend and her boyfriend's first time cooking a turkey and it turned out perfect, not dry at all. 

My friend also gave us these cute penguin goodie bags filled with homemade cookies. 

This week has been full of late night study sessions and this is such a perfect healthy-ish midnight snack to keep me going. I couldn't help but dive into the Ranch dressing before taking a pic. 

And the studying continues. This is for my English class all about witchcraft and demonology (fun stuff). 

I made some super plain penne and bow tie pasta for dinner. I use the Costco Kirkland brand pesto sauce which is delicious. 

Lately I have been committed to walking every single day with my dog and I love taking them at night when I can see the Holiday lights. This is a pretty display from my neighbours house. The picture does not do it justice and there was even more lights on the side but I felt like a creeper taking pictures. 

Lastly, a simple green smoothie. This was made of 2 bananas, 2 apples, and spinach. I have been trying to be a little healthier ever since I have been experiencing some digestive distresses and green smoothies help and this was delicious and easy when you make it on a magic bullet. 

There you have it all! 

I hope your week was swell. Stay tuned for a holiday cooking post this weekend and some skincare reviews next week. 

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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