Thursday, December 5, 2013

In the Kitchen With Cate: Greek Marinated Chicken (Original Recipe by Budget Bytes)

Hello Hello Friends,

I hope you are all ready for the Holiday Season that is among us. Hanukkah ends tonight so I wish those who celebrate a very happy evening spent with family and friends!!!

If you celebrate Christmas do you have your tree up yet? and How far along on your shopping list are you?

Today I was going to do a November Favourites post like I do each month but I only had a couple products to show so it wasn't worth it so I decided to do a cooking post instead. I also won't be doing a December Favourites, instead I will be doing a best of 2013 post at the end of December or early January.

I haven't done a real legit cooking post in quite a while. I did a Taco Recipe back in October but that was not too formal. My last formal cooking post was when I made Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Thighs back in August so this is long overdue.

*I decided to title my cooking posts "In the Kitchen with Cate" just for fun. If you have any clever name suggestions, throw them my way!!!

I love the blog Budget Bytes. Beth offers really amazing recipes that are easy to make and on a great budget. She even lets you know how much everything will run you.

You all know how much I love chicken and making easy chicken recipes well I found Beth's Greek Marinated Chicken  and I decided to try it for myself and share it with you in case you haven't seen it.

*Disclaimer: This recipe is owned by Beth from and can be found here. I did not come up with this recipe. Sole credit goes to Beth and her amazing website.

For full recipe ingredients list and instructions make sure to head over to Beth's site by clicking here or by clicking on any of the images.

These are all the ingredients!

1 cup of Greek Yoghurt (I always add a little more because some always gets lost in transportation)

2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

Mincing up 3 Garlic Cloves (The recipe calls for 4 but I wanted it to be a little less garlic-y so I only used 3)

The rind of a Lemon 

The Juice of half a Lemon

Half a tablespoon of Oregano 

Half a teaspoon of Salt

A bunch of Parsley (finely chopped up)

All the Ingredients in the bowl (before being mixed)

After the mixing is complete

Add your marinade to your resealable bag filled with your chicken

Give it a good shaking and really make sure all the chicken is nice and evenly coated. Use your hands to massage them up

Now transfer to the fridge for at least 30 minutes (I left mine for 45)

Now Butter up an Oven Safe casserole dish

Add your Chicken to said dish and bake in your over at 375 degrees for at least 50 minutes

And this is what they should look like after completion

Serve with your favourite side dish

For my side dish I used a simple Lemon Parsley Rice Recipe from The Food Network site which you can find by clicking on the picture below

This was so easy and so delicious and a definite repeat worthy recipe that I will be making on the regular. 

I hope you all enjoyed this recipe and make sure to either comment below and share your experiences making this or Tweet me pictures of your journey :) 

See you next time

Stay Happy!!!

- Cate W. 

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