Monday, August 12, 2013

BEDA Day 12: Is the Naked 2 Palette Worth All That Hype?

Hello and welcome to day 12 of BEDA!

I thought I would switch up today and do another makeup product review.

So we have all heard about the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay and all the hype that surrounds them but is the hype really well warranted?

I have had the palette for about a year now so I know pretty well how much I love it. First off, Urban Decay shadows are incredible. They are so silky smooth and incredible pigmented. All the shades blend really well and last a really long time (especially combined with an eye primer). There is no denying the quality of these shadows. They are a joy to use. I have some close ups of all the shades for you to have a look at.

Now the only issue I have with palettes is the obvious, which is the unused colours. It is inevitable, there are always going to be shadows you won't use. As you can probably see in my pictures, Suspect is the colour I am obsessed with (which is why it has the biggest dent). It is a perfect colour for the entire lid and really a no fail colour for me to put on. Sometimes you won't use all the colours so you would have to justify that extra cost. Even though the cost of the palette as a whole is cheaper, if you are not using all the colours, it is not always worth it to buy a palette but rather individual colours. 

This palette also comes with a dual sided brush which provides you with a brush side for applying colour and another side for blending. Although having brushes come with the palette is amazing and great for travelling, I don't like this brush and hardly ever use it. The reason being is that the brushes are quite hard tipped which does not matter so much for packing on colour but the blending brush is also quite hard which is not good. I find myself just using my Sigma brushes to do the job. 

Overall, if you will use all the colours (or most of them) this palette is definitely for you. You will have all the colours to make a really amazing smokey eye or nude everyday look. 

Thank you for reading Day 12 of BEDA!

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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