Sunday, August 4, 2013

BEDA Day 4: Are Expensive Cotton Pads Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Welcome everyone to Day 4 of BEDA (Blog Everyday in August). I hope you are enjoying daily blogs from me and I hope you are learning some new info. This post won't be so long so I though I would chat with you for a bit before I start. I am really happy and grateful for all of you who have been clicking on my posts and maybe following BEDA. I would love to interact with you in the comments of any post. Feel free to comment on any questions you may have, any blogs you may want to see in the future or just suggestions and feedback. I can only make this blog better if I know what people want to see so you being the reader are really the most important person here so feel free to comment and interact. Don't be shy :)

Now on to the post.

So for a while I have been eyeing the Shiseido Facial Cottons. They are $9.00, so a little steep for cotton pads but not break your budget steep which means it was easier for me to justify the cost. They come with a generous 165 pads and I have gone through about half of that within a couple months so I know whether or not I would repurchase them or not. The simple answer is, well, no. I had read that these cotton pads were the best of the best. They claimed to be soft and luxurious but also heavy duty, no flaking, so men could use them on their beards without getting pieces of cotton caught in between the stubble. Well even though these are quite soft and luxurious, they are not heavy duty. They flake off even on smooth, hair free skin which really disappointed me. Although I am not a man (please reserve your shock till the end) and I did not have a man readily available to test these out on their stubbly beards I did however test these on my, well, stubbly legs (ugh) and I have found that they flake off even more in between stubble. Now I don't know about you but I do not appreciate cotton flakes all over my skin. To be brutally honest, so many cheaper facial cottons don't flake off as much as these and they are a fraction of the cost. Now they are thick and luxurious and do deliver product on to the skin quite well but so do my other cotton pads that cost 2 bucks for a pack of 100.

Final verdict: skip the overpriced cotton pads and stick with the good ol' trusted drugstore brands that leave a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Hope you enjoyed Day 4 of BEDA!

Stay Happy!

- Cate W.

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