Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BEDA DAY 6: The Benefits of Rose Hip Oil

So lately everyone has been talking about Rose Hip Oil and its many benefits and supermodel Miranda Kerr endorses it and even has her own line of it Click here. With a gorgeous supermodel backing up the benefits of this oil you can see why many people are hooked on the stuff.

I decided to get my hands on my own and try it out myself. Now I could not get a hold of Miranda Kerr's brand because it ships from Australia and I wanted something close so I went for Kosmea Rose Hip Oil which was available at my local organic grocer.

I have been using this for about a month now and I can safely say that I LOVE THE STUFF. Within about a week I noticed a dramatic difference in the acne scarring I had. As I mentioned in a blog post a few months ago. My skin was going through a horrible breakout period (read about it here) and what is left from that is incredible acne scarring. Everyone who has ever suffered from a breakout knows the aftermath of it so I was willing to try anything that would help and this definitely did. You can use Rose Hip Oil as a moisturizer at night because it is so nourishing and absorbent you don't need to apply an actual cream based moisturizer at night. You only need a couple drops and the bottle already includes a dropper.

One thing I would recommend is to not use Rose Hip Oil on active breakouts and only to use it on scars. There have been many articles I read in my research for this post suggest that applying Rose Hip Oil to active breakouts will only aggravate the breakout and slow down its healing process. So only use it for the scarring process.

Definitely give Rose Hip Oil a try if you are in the market for something to deal with those pesky acne scars!

Thanks for reading BEDA Day 6. I will see you tomorrow!!!

Stay Happy!

- Cate W.

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