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BEDA Day 8! All About Skincare for Teens to Twenties

Hello friends,

Today my post is going to be all about skincare in your early teens to your mid twenties (which is where I am at). I can not unfortunately talk about anything above that age as I have not experienced it yet so I am not really an expert.

I am pretty obsessed with skincare and have tried many items and brands so I have some tips that I have acquired throughout the years that I think may help those of you who are struggling with skin and how to take care of it.

Let's start off with Teen skincare...

Teen skincare is so important because if you spend the time working on your skin, incorporating good habits, and understanding your specific skin type and the individual needs associated with it, you start the process for better skin in your later years.

As a teen you don't need as many products as someone in their 20's, 30's, 40's, etc. but you do need to maintain some routine steps.

1) Get to know your skin type.

This tip is so important because your whole skin care regimen is determined by this factor.

So there are many different skin types but these are the most common:

Normal- Your skin is neither to dry or too oily, it feels quite comfortable and you don't break out too much (lucky).

Dry- Your skin is very dry and tends to feel tight and you may have irritated skin because it is so dry.

Oily- Your skin is oily all over and you notice shine which gets worse throughout the day.

Combination- Your skin type is the most common. It tends to be oily in your T-Zone (forehead and down your nose) and normal to dry in your cheek area.

One tip I read a long time ago was to take 2 blotting papers in the morning on skin that was washed the night before. Use one blotting paper on your forehead and one on your cheeks. If you can see oil on both sheets you have oily skin. If you have one sheet that comes out oily and one not you have combination skin. If both are oily you have oily skin. If both come out with just a hint of oil you have normal skin. If you can not see any oils then you have dry skin.

2) Cleanse.

Cleansing is, in my opinion, the most important part of your routine. You may want to use a makeup removing wipe before you cleanse if you wear makeup. Once you know your skin type, you can choose a cleanser that fits. If you have oilier skin go with a gel based cleanser. If you have dry skin, try a milky, cream based cleanser.

Now as teens you probably don't have too much disposable income and lucky for you there are great cleansers at the drugstore.

Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Nivea, Cetaphil, and Olay all make great cleansers for skin.

3) Moisturize.

As a teen you don't have to use steps like serums or toners. It is not necessary for young skin but moisturizing is.

You want to make sure that in the daytime you are using a moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15 so that your skin does not start to receive sun damage at such a young age. At night you can use the same moisturizer or you can use a nice nourishing night cream.
For those of you with oily skin, always remember that even though your skin is oily, hydration is still important because if you don't your skin will overcompensate for the lack and end up producing even more oils. Oily skinned people may want to try a gel based moisturizer which will be lighter. Dryer skinned want to look for a moisturizer that says nourishing or hydrating on the label.

(I will be doing a post specific to acne fighting tips soon for BEDA so check back for that if you are a teen suffering from acne or acne scarring)

Now lets move on to the Twenties...

Well I am in my twenties so I know a little bit about skincare in your twenties through trial and error but also through research. If you read the section about Teen skincare you will see that Cleansing and Moisturizing is very important and still is in your twenties.

1) Cleanse

Cleansing is still just as important as it is in you teens but the cleansers that used to work for you before may not suit your needs anymore. You still need to use products based on your skin type but you may want a cleanser that does more for you than just getting off your makeup. In your twenties you want to prevent aging before it starts so use cleansers that will help with that and make sure the ingredients are suitable for your face and don't irritate your face.

2) Tone

Toning is important, especially in your twenties. Toners are not just for getting rid of extra makeup your cleanser forgot. There are specific toners for minimizing pores, evening skin tone, and fading dark spots. You will definitely notice a difference when you use a toner.
Tip: lots of toners contain alcohol so beware if you are allergic or sensitive, there are always non alcoholic, gentle alternatives.

3) Serum

In your twenties your best bet for slowing down the aging process is preventing it from occurring too quickly. There are so many serums out there just like toners but they are highly concentrated and can work amazing if you use one that is formulated for you.
Tip: Let your serum sit on your skin for 5 minutes before applying your moisturizer so it has time to absorb.

4) Moisturize

This is, just as teens, based on your skin type but what is different is the anti aging properties. You need to find a moisturizer with wrinkle fighting agents, even if you don't have wrinkles yet, stopping wrinkles is better than trying to fix them once they are there. Finding a moisturizer with retinol or retinoid is best because it is known for wrinkle fighting.

5) Eye Cream
Whether you have dark circles, wrinkles, crows feet, or puffiness eye cream is essential. Your eye area is so sensitive and will often show signs of aging first so keep that eye area hydrated and looking great. If eyes are the window to the soul do you want people to think your soul is wrinkly?



Exfoliation is very important. You don't need an expensive scrub at all but you do need to scrub 2 to 3 times a week no matter what skin type you have because getting rid of dead skin cells and flakes is important and doing it on a regular basis also allows your products to sink in better to your skin.


Whether it is sunny outside or not, you need sun protection. Sun damaged skin is not awesome and it can also cause skin cancer, who want's that? Make sure to shield your skin from the suns cancerous rays.


Masks can be hydrating and fun and offer different benefits according to the ingredients. Masks are not as essential as things mentioned above but always a fun treat.


Don't forget your body, not just your face, needs hydration so rub that lotion in.

I hope you enjoyed BEDA Day 8! Stay tuned for day 9 tomorrow.

Stay Happy!

- Cate W.

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