Thursday, January 30, 2014

The 30 Day Squat Challenge

If you're a Pinterest addict like me, you've probably seen versions of this one floating around. In the spirit of trying to be healthier in the New Year, I started this challenge. I've never really followed through on many of my "let's exercise every day!" ideas, but I made a commitment to try this one just for a month. From the before and after pictures on Pinterest, the results are pretty amazing, but that's to be expected since you go from doing 50 squats a day to doing 250 squats by the end of the month.

This is the picture I found that I based my challenge off of. I altered it a bit because I thought it would be easier to bridge the gaps by doing just 10 more a couple times. See below!

If anyone knows where this picture was originally from, let me know. I'd love to give credit, but the link is broken :(

My Version:
DAY 1: 50 squats
DAY 2: 55 squats
DAY 3: 60 squats


DAY 5: 70 squats
DAY 6: 80 squats
DAY 7: 90 squats


DAY 9: 100 squats
DAY 10: 110 squats
DAY 11: 120 squats


DAY 13: 130 squats
DAY 14: 140 squats
DAY 15: 150 squats


DAY 17: 160 squats
DAY 18: 170 squats
DAY 19: 180 squats


DAY 21: 190 squats
DAY 22: 200 squats
DAY 23: 210 squats

DAY 25: 220 squats
DAY 26: 230 squats
DAY 27: 240 squats


DAY 29: 240 squats
DAY 30: 250 squats

Before I started this challenge I would have said that my butt was one of my better assets, but I have to say the improvement is quiet nice too! Besides walking, I don't really do a lot of exercise, so I knew there was room for improvement. I also wasn't going to be unrealistic: I wasn't going to start going to the gym or anything crazy like that (I'm just not a gym person).

This challenge was something that easily fit into my schedule: everyone has time for 5 to 10 minutes of exercise a day and you can do it whenever you want. Sometimes I'm up early doing it before work, other times it's nearly 10pm when I get around to it. Nevertheless, I'm really surprised I started seeing results right away. By Day 10 or so I could see my legs and butt were a lot more toned and firm. I'm not about to post butt shots for the whole internet to see, but you can find plenty of those if you google the 30 Day Squat Challenge, I'm sure!

  • Stretch first!

A little bit of warm up helps get your body moving and prevents injury!
  • Take a break!

I usually end up taking a break to stretch or grab a sip of water around every 50 squats or so. Even if you decide to break the number of squats down and do them throughout the day, that could be a more manageable way to do it if you are really struggling.
  • Stay Hydrated!
  • Keep Motivated!

It is definitely a challenge, but you can do it! Do whatever you need to do to get it done: whether that's pairing up with a friend doing them together (physically or otherwise!), listening to energetic music, or rewarding yourself with some reading time afterwards. I like to think of the last day of the challenge knowing I've consistently done it for 30 days! I've stuck to my guns and did 250 squats, heck ya!

I plan to keep doing squats, perhaps starting the challenge over again when this month is over, to keep up all of the great results I've achieved. Since my legs will be strong after this challenge, I'd also like to start running in time for the nice spring weather!

Have you ever done a challenge like this? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!


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