Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meg's Skincare Routine

I keep my skin care routine relatively simple. I used to have a more elaborate routine, but I think what I'm doing now is the way to go. Too complicated, too many products. Less is more.

Generally, I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night, and moisturize after each and as needed.

Here are the skincare products I use most regularly:

1) Murad Clarifying Cleanser
1.5% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment - Cleanse/Tone
Bonus: No animal testing, no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Why I like it: It keeps any acne at bay. 
I've never had severe acne, but no one likes even the occasional pimple. More so, this cleanser also keeps away that those deep under-the-skin kind of pimple that really hurt! I get those occasionally and they are no fun, so when I found out Murad helped with those I was definitely on board.
I use this a few times a week, unless I'm sensing an outbreak, then I step it up to everyday. I like that it makes my face feel really clean, even though it has a slightly unpleasant medicinal smell. It's not overpowering enough to make me stop using it though. It is quite drying, which is why I pair with the next item on my list...!

2) Nivea Aqua Effect
Nourishing Night Care

Why I like it: It's hyper moisturizing.
I use this night cream before I got to sleep every night (and sometimes in the day too if my skin is feeling really dry, so common in the winter!). The cream is very thick and you don't need a lot so the little bottle lasts along time. Leaves your skin with a dewy feeling that is great at night, but I also find is nice for putting on makeup.

3) Nivea Visage

Refreshing Cleansing Gel

Why I like it: It's refreshing.
I use this in the morning. It's very refreshing, like the name says. It wakes up your skin with a cool, gentle feeling. It isn't the best at taking off makeup, especially eyes, so I usually use it in the morning when my makeup is already off anyway.

4) Olay Complete
SPF 30 Defence

Why I like it: It offers sun protection.
Sunscreen for when you don't feel like putting on sunscreen, but you know you're going to be outside anyway and it's barely sunny... You know what I mean? Not to be used when you're going to be outside baking, of course, you'll need real sunscreen for that. However, is a great moisturizer to put on the morning for that added boost of protection.

5) Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion
With Vitamin E, Jojoba, and Shea Butter

Why I like it: It smells WONDERFUL.
I'm not going to lie, I love this on mostly for the smell. I'm a vanilla person. I will shamelessly admit I also have the perfume.

Interspersed with these products are the various face masks and homemade skin products I use. I don't do them on a regular basis, but every now and again I have a girls' spa night, usually with Cate. I just pick up whatever is at the local Shoppers Drug Mart... in particular I like the Balea face masks which are only a dollar or two, but have delightful anti-aging, moisturizing, and detoxifying properties depending on the mask you choose.

Share your own skin care routines and product preferences in the comments!


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