Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vegas Bound: My Travel Makeup Bag

I'm going to Vegas today!

I was inspired by Essie Button's post and thought I'd show you what products I'm taking with me! I'm only taking a carry-on so with flight restrictions and space limitations, it's all about taking only what you need.

This is a new product to me, but as my trusty Nivea night cream was running out I faced the inevitable dilemma, do I go with a trusty standby or do I try something new? I decided to try this one as it was on sale and I'm on a healthy products kick- this one has no parabens, phthlates, dyes, or silicone!

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This is kind of my old stand by, but I'm looking for something new to try as it doesn't seem to match my skin tone as well as it used to and I'm looking for something that takes even less time to apply. I was hoping to replace this with a good BB or CC cream, but I've yet to find any that have decent coverage. I still love how light and weightless this foundation feels when applied, so I'm bringing it with me to even out my skin tone.

  • MAC holiday eyeshadow (limited edition) 
My dear Cate got this for me one Christmas and it's one of my very favourite eyeshadow palettes- as you can see, it's well-loved! The combination of gold and purple is just perfect and you can create so many different looks with just a few colours.

This is perfect for travelling as it has it's own little case and it isn't a liquid. Usually I make due with the hotel shampoo, but my hair is never in love with it and this is a great alternative that takes up very little space in your makeup bag!

It's the perfect natural shade for when I want to be a little fancy. Though I'm not going to lie, usually I just stick to...

I have the driest lips ever, so lip balm of some sort is absolutely essential. This is one of the most moisturizing that I've fond and it smells irresistible.

I've found for the price that this eye liner is pretty good. It produces a solid dark line that stays on for a long time, as long as you don't rub your eyes a lot. Must have for Vegas.

I got this in a makeup kit my brother gave me for Christmas (awww). It's tiny! TINY! Look, it's next to a loony! It's a decent mascara that does it's job well and it's so perfect for travelling.

All of this (and my toiletries) are safely packed in my new cute little makeup bag in my new cute little backpack!

See you soon!

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