Saturday, March 22, 2014

Style Icon Saturdays By Cate: Featuring Rachel Bilson

If I had to describe my style in only a couple of words, those words would be "Preppy Casual". I am a jeans girl at heart. I live in a good pair of blue jeans and I am a firm believer in a good cardigan goes a long way.

I love comfortable clothes that I feel like I can do anything in. My style has definitely evolved throughout the years. I tend to dress better for my body shape now than I did before.

Since Meg started with such a beautiful and classic Style Icon Audrey Hepburn (check out her post here), I decided to start with a more current style inspiration.

Rachel Bilson embodies my favourite kind of style. I generally tend to admire those celebrities styles who I feel like I can actually emulate and would feel comfortable wearing the clothes they were and Rachel definitely has that kind of style.

Today I am going to show you some of my favourite looks that Rachel has rocked these past few years and why I love them!

She can pull off a Classic Black and White Outfit 
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This look is so simple. It is a classic white button down paired with black slacks and Rachel pulls it off so nicely and she adds nude wedges to make the look current. 

She can rock some serious Colour
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With Spring coming our way, colour is in and Rachel knows how to add pops of Colour to her wardrobe by pairing a blue top with yellow oh so high stilettos.  

She love a Blazer and Jeans
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I love the classic Blazer look and so does Rachel and here she makes the outfit more casual with jeans and gladiator heels. 

She loves the Navy on Navy look 
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I am a big fan of dark Jeans and Navy on top, I wear it quite often and so does Rachel. 

She loves to Cuff her Jeans
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I love cuffing my jeans, especially in the Springtime pairing it with sandals or canvas shoes but Rachel does it all year long pairing her cuffed jeans with ankle booties. 

She has some phenomenal Bags 
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Rachel never skimps on adding a fabulous bag to her outfit. Like this studded one by Burberry that I love. 

She looks good in Sweats and Moccasins 
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She isn't afraid to rock the bright orange baggy sweatpants and traditional moccasins all tied together with a Chanel bag.

She can rock a Red Carpet in Dresses 
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Even though Rachel prefers more casual outfit choices, she certainly can hold her own on the Red Carpet with gorgeous gowns. 

... And Slacks 
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I love that Rachel brings her love of wearing pants to the Red Carpet and she still looks just as elegant and fashion forward. 

I love that Rachel Bilson is not your typical glammed up celebrity who is always dressed to the nines. I like that she stays true to her style and isn't afraid to bring show up on the Red Carpet in pants as opposed to a fluffy ball gown. 

I think it's great that there are still young women, like Rachel, who are in the public eye but still stay true to themselves and dress for them. After all, you should always feel good in what you wear. 

- Cate. 

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