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Style Icon Saturdays By Cate: Featuring Grace Kelly

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Grace Kelly. I distinctly remember being in the 10th grade in Photography class and looking through a book of famous photographs and coming across a photograph of Grace Kelly and thinking to myself that the was one of the most classically beautiful women I had ever seen.

This is the photograph that started it all:
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Grace, like so many other classic hollywood beauties, embodied style and well, grace. Her looks are so timeless and elegant. I feel like everything that women like Grace or Audrey wore over 50 years ago is still as beautiful and as timeless as the first time they put it on. 

Here are just some of my favourite parts of Grace Kelly's iconic style. 

Her "To Catch a Thief" Dress
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To this day I swear, if I ever get married I would wear a dress like this. It is so beautiful and classic. It fits like a glove and is romantic. 

Her Beach Attire
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You may recognize this trend of high waisted bikini bottoms that have made a rise again these past few summers. Just another classic Grace Kelly style.

 Her Oscar Dress
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The dress that Grace Kelly wore to the Oscars in 1955 when she won Best Actress for her role in "The Country Girl" is probably her second most iconic dress and with good reason. 

Her Infamous Wedding Dress
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When Grace Kelly walked down the aisle on April 19th, 1956 to Marry Prince Rainier of Monaco all eyes were on her and her timeless wedding dress. This dress has been coveted for centuries, so much so that when Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, many remarked on the similarities between her dress and Grace's. P.s. I still love Grace's dress more. 

Her Casual Look
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Even when Grace isn't rocking a gorgeous gown, she still looks like a million bucks. She makes high waisted pants and a button down look stunning. 

Her Tortoise Shell Shades 
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Audrey Hepburn was known for her classic oversized sunglasses and Grace was known for her Ray Ban Tortoise Shell shades which she rarely left the house without, that and her pearls. 

Her Scarves and Headbands 
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I wonder where I get my love of Scarves and Headbands from? Grace loved to accessorize with a scarf whether it be on her head or around her neck. 

The Hermes "Kelly" Bag
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Even those who may not know of Grace Kelly (there are people out there... I know...) have heard of the Hermes Kelly Bag. Grace famously positioned the large bag in front of her stomach to conceal her pregnant belly. Hermes has and continues to make a fortune selling the "Kelly Bag" at over 15 grand a piece. 

Her Kind and Generous Heart 

Even though Grace had beauty and style she also had a kind and generous heart which I think we could all learn from. 

I remember reading about Grace Kelly's relationship with the famous African American Singer and Actress Josephine Baker who was refused service at Manhattan's Stork Club. Grace who was at the club at the same time, not knowing Josephine prior, grabbed her by the hand and stormed out of the club. The two became good friends and Grace even helped Josephine in her financial time of need. 

Grace really embodies the true meaning of her name. She shows me and other young women out there to stand up for what they believe in and to always have a kind and generous heart and this is what truly matters. 


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