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Style Icon Saturdays By Meg: Featuring Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard and I go way back to when I worked at a movie store and had a love affair (that has never really ended) with French movies. Please run and check out A Very Long EngagementLove Me If You Dare and La Vie En Rose, stat!

You might recognize Marion, if not from her acting, then as the face of the Lady Dior advertising campaign. Here she is looking flawless as usual, even when bouncing on a trampoline.

 Pictures courtesy of the DailyMail
There is something about French women and their effortless style. It is at once classic and modern, simple and bold. Marion Cotillard is no exception, she is the modern embodiment of chic style and grace.

Take a look at some of my favourite looks and what's she's taught me about fashion thus far.

Don't be afraid to take a risk and stand out!
Picture courtesy of WMagazine
This mermaid-inspired dress with gold-tipped scales is certainly a bold choice, but Marion absolutely shines in it. Her sideswept hair and long necklace serve to accent the dress perfectly and she makes the right choice in keeping the rest of her jewerly and accessories simple.

Vintage or vintage-inspired is the way to go!
Picture courtesy of WMagazine
This 50s inspired ensemble (by Raf Simons’ for Christian Dior), complete with coiffed hair, allows Marion to stand out and perfectly accents her waist and hips. I also love how she encorporated the old adage of pairing her lipstick colour to her shoes. It's not something I usually do, but in this case it definitely works!

Even a simple ponytail can be romantic when paired with the right outfit!
Picture courtesy of WMagazine
Marion's gently messy ponytail allows her lovely black tulle dress to shine here. Marion often keeps her accessories simple which I think goes back to her very French and effortless look.

When you're going to do glitter, go big or go home!
Picture courtesy of WMagazine
This really says it all: sparkle!

Be bold in your cut and colour!
Picture courtesy of Marie Claire
I absolutely adore this dress- if I could get ahold of it, I would wear it all the time! The colour is lovely for spring and works well with her dark hair, bringing out her lovely complexion and the unusual collar of the dress, complete with a bow, draws so much interest to her.

Be creative with your clothing: wear things that are a bit unusual!
Picture courtesy of WMagazine
It's okay to show a bit of leg, but I haven't seen many people do it quite like Marion. It's not often that sheer dresses really work for me, especially when it's the bottom half! But this works! The colour combination (black and purple with sparkles) is really eyecatching and makes it look almost like she's wearing a cocktail dress with some kind of overlay.

You don't need to be dressed up to be fashionable! 
Picture courtesy of Marie Claire 
Marion, and her little one, look snug as bugs in all those warm, wooly layers. This style is one of the reasons I love autumn and winter fashion so much: toques and sweaters, boots and jeans, these are a few of my favourite things! (If you just read that to the tune from The Sound of Music, we're probably kindred spirits!) Though if it were me in this picture I'd probably have a scarf (and no baby!).

I honestly could go on and on about Marion's fashion choices and what great taste she has, but then this post would get a little tiresome. Before I leave off, I did want to draw attention to her makeup, which is often so lovely.

Picture courtesy of Elle

Picture courtesy of Hello

Marion often keeps it simple, focusing on her glowing skin and playing up her eyes.  This keeps her looking natural and effortless.

That's all for now! Would love to hear your opinions on Marion's style and French fashion in general!

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