Friday, May 9, 2014

Cate & Meg Take Over Ikea!

On Wednesday, Cate and I decided to go to IKEA as we were both craving new things for our homes. We are both IKEA fanatics: we love the little rooms they have set up, all their neat (and cheap!) products, and their Swedish meatballs!

Here are some of the things we loved:

What Meg Loved:

This couch was so comfy! I love casual, yet put together style  of so many of the rooms in IKEA.
And the pops of colour!

The colour scheme of this was room was amazing; love the light blues and greens that were picked up in the couch, pillows, and the wall hanging behind. Plus, this was the perfect place to relax!

So darling! These reminded me of a modern take on something a sweet old lady would have embroidered. I'm such a fan of DIY crafts I would love to recreate something like this!

I can imagine having a living room like this. The last time my boyfriend and I were at IKEA 
we picked out a lovely colour scheme of white, black, and red. 
Though I might have to trade the red wall for a red couch!

This was my all-time favourite room at IKEA! I loved how grown-up it felt with the big bed, the neutral colours, and those perfectly placed picture frames!
(Though I have to say, I despise that light fixture!)

But my favourite part of my favourite room was this amazing dresser! 
Well, it's actually two dressers. If they didn't have such a hefty price tag, 
let's just say they would be they would be in my bedroom right now!

Future baby girl of mine, you will have this for your own.

What Cate Loved:

I fell in love with this Dining Room as soon as I saw it. I love bright rooms with light colours. 

This is a better picture of the Dining Room. I really love the Mix of White furniture with the light wood table as well as the storage cabinet behind me. 

As I mentioned above, I love white and wood mixed together. This is my dream kitchen. I am normally not a huge "modern decor" fan but in the kitchen I definitely appreciate the more modern styles. I think it makes it easier to function and cook. 

White Kitchens always get me (even though my mom constantly says they get dirty too fast) and although this kitchen comes second to the one above, I do really love the grey stone backsplash above the stove. It really is a wonderful touch and who doesn't need four ovens? 

As Meg mentioned to me while we were at Ikea, this bedroom "just screams Cate" and it really does. Aside from the overuse of butterflies (I have a fear of them, it is real and called lepidopterophobia) I really love the soft colours. I like my bedroom to be a solace, a place where I can come home from the day and relax and this would do the trick. I also love that upholstered headboard and really want to save up for it. 

What We Ate:

I don't know if you can have a full Ikea experience without eating some Swedish Meatballs. They are delicious and that cranberry sauce is also great.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that carrot cake is my favourite type of cake and I am quite picky with them but I must say this was really good. It was the perfect amount of nutty and also had a wonderful creamy cream cheese frosting. 

What Meg Bought:

I hadn't seen Essie Button's new bedding choice, but it was one that definitely stood out for me at the IKEA store! I was drawn to more of the girly, flowery prints and the plain stripes, but as I share my room with my boyfriend I thought this was definitely the best choice- it's still stylish, bright, and spring-like, but it's geometric lines are more gender neutral than many of IKEA's other prints. Unlike Cate I still haven't taken my purchase out of the package, but when I do boy will my room have a makeover!

My other purchase was this elegant, but thrifty, picture frame. At $12 it was a steal! I originally bought it as part of a birthday present for my boyfriend's mom, but when I got home I learned it wasn't needed. So now I'm repurposing it for my bedroom makeover. I've yet to decide what pictures will go in the frame, but I'm thinking landscape shots from my most meaningful trips: the Grand Canyon with Cate, Portland with my boyfriend, and my first ever independently planned trip to New York City. I will update you with what I decide!

What Cate Bought:

Essie Button definitely inspired this purchase. I love this bedding, it is nice and colourful and perfect for brightening up your bedroom for spring. 

I also bought two of these candle holders (they were only $1.99 each). I love the mint colour and I am using them to hold my many pens at my desk.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we liked and what we bought at Ikea. We definitely didn't buy as much as we would have if we were not taking the bus. Next time we go to Ikea, we plan on taking a car and buying a lot more and don't worry, we will share.

Make sure to tell us in the comments what you personal decor style is and what your favourite pieces from Ikea are.

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