Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kit Detoxifying Facemask with Tea Tree Oil Review

For the second instalment of my weekly spring face mask review, I decide to try out Kit's Detoxifying Facemask with Tea Tree Oil.

The instructions for this mask are the same as the Exfoliating Facemask with Shea Butter I tried last week (you can find the review here): evenly spread on a freshly cleansed face, massage for one minute, leave on for five minutes, remove. Apparently I missed the part about massaging for one minute last time, but I bet that would have helped with exfoliation! 

This Detoxification mask has a very strong Teatree oil smell, due to the face that it is the prime ingredient! I personally don't mind the smell at all (I'm used to it as I have Teatree oil shampoo I use occassionally), but if you aren't partitial to that you might want to avoid this one.

Right away when I put this on I felt a warming sensation, but as time went on it turned icy cold. When that happens (and it's not a warming mask) I always wonder if I'm having an allergic reaction! (Does anyone else do that?) 

This is why you should always test it for a few minutes on your inner, upper arm, especially if you have sensitive skin. I have tested and used this line before and I usually do not have bad reactions to products, so I didn't this time. Luckily it was just the magic of the mask and I didn't end up having a reaction. 

After taking of the mask I found my skin felt softer and really clean feeling. Since this was a detoxifying mask I was anxious to see if it would have a positive effect on my skin. I do think it helped me for the better, though obviously a one time face mask isn't going to solve all my skin problems. My face felt softer, smoother and was less red that day; success!

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