Monday, May 5, 2014

My Experience with Glycolic Acid and Exfoliating Toners + GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

Before I go on with the post I wanted to announce our Spring Beauty Giveaway Winner. Meg and I want to say a huge Thank You to all those who entered and subscribed to our blog recently. We appreciate the support and look forward to writing more posts for your enjoyment!

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So I have talked about Glycolic Acid and its benefits in a recent post which you can check out here.

Glycolic Acid is a chemical exfoliant which is all the rage these days. Chemical exfoliants are supposed to get rid of your first layer of dead skin without harsh beady exfoliants that may cause irritation on your skin.

The most common way to use Glycolic Acid on the skin is by using a toner that contains it but there are also masks and serums that contain Glycolic Acid as well (like the mask by Andalou Naturals that I reviewed in depth here).

Today I am going to be talking about 2 different Glycolic Acid toners and how the results have been on my skin.

Perricone MD Firming Facial Toner

This toner by Perricone MD I believe contains a little bit less than my second toner but I can't confirm this (I emailed Perricone but they said that information is "proprietary" and could not disclose it huh?...) and was my first experience with Glycolic Acid. 

How I used it: Starting off, I didn't know this toner contained Glycolic Acid (silly me, always read your ingredients folks) so I used it every single day (which in retrospect, isn't good when trying an acid). 

Results: I really did not notice a whole lot of change in my skin to be honest. I was hoping this would at least minimize some of my enlarged pores or even out my skin tone but that wasn't the case. I will say that this toner is not very irritating and wouldn't be too bad if you are starting to try out Glycolic Acids. 

Neostrata Toning Solution Level 2

This toner is by the Canadian brand Neostrata and it contains a whopping 10 percent Glycolic Acid. Their Level 1 toning solution contains half that at 5 percent. 

How I Used it: After using the Perricone toner for a while and not noticing results, I decided to ease my way into this one. I started using it every third day and then moved on to every other day. 

Results: I honestly really didn't see much results again and I found that my skin was becoming more and more irritated and my redness and rosacea that I suffer from on my cheeks, had been becoming more prominent. 

Final Thoughts on Glycolic Acid

As I mentioned, Glycolic Acid is one of the new rages in skincare so naturally I wanted to give it a try but like any other trend you have to see if it works for you. 

My skin is definitely on the sensitive side and I feel like Glycolic Acid can be very irritating, as it can be anytime you put a chemical on your skin. 

My word of advice is to be cautious when it comes to trying new skincare trends and also be informed when putting products on your skin that contain harsh ingredients like acids or alcohols. 


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