Saturday, May 24, 2014

Style Icon Saturdays By Meg Featuring Rose Bryne

I have adored Rose Bryne since I first saw her in I Capture the Castle (a movie adaptation of one of my favourite books).  Her gorgeous hair and lovely acting first drew my attention, but after seeing her at movie premieres and such, I have noticed her style as well.

Rose always looks put together and classy, while at the same time she knowing how to have fun with fashion. 

Even a simple fitted shift dress looks playful on Rose with the ribbon details on the front. Not to mention the dress is perfectly paired with her blunt bangs and bob.

I love that Rose isn't afraid to step outside what is typically done. This dress is not only sequined, it is sheer in an unusual way!

Even shorts at an event look put together on her!

Perhaps it is the fact that she doesn't take fashion too seriously that gives her the ability to look like she isn't trying too hard- something I would like to achieve with my style: a balance between put together and effortless.
White can be a difficult to pull of, but Rose knows how to wear it, keeping her look simple and sleek, whether short or long. 

I always admire people who can pull off blazers in a casual and effortless way. I think I could learn a two from her here. 

There is one movie in particular where Rose's wardrobe is particularly stunning and classy. I Give It A Year has her wearing simple tailored blouses and skirts, trench coats, and fitted dresses. If I could steal everything from this wardrobe I would be set. I couldn't find many good pictures that showcased her outfits, but this ad for the movie gives you a little preview.

Last but not least I wanted to end this on one of Rose's most daring and playful looks. Few people could pull off wearing an embroidered wool jumpsuit and look this amazing.

And also, her hair! Enough said.

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