Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kit Peel Off Mask with Cucumber Review

This week's mask is a little different than the previous ones- it's a peel off mask! I was very interested to try this one as I find masks in general to be messy and I thought this would be a cleaner way to get the same relaxing and beautifying mask feeling. And I wasn't wrong!

The instructions for this one were slightly different: Cleanse face, dampen face with warm water, thickly and evenly apply mask, massage into face for 1 minute, leave on for 15-20 minutes or until it hardens, peel (don't pull!) off.  Easy enough?

Unlike the other facemasks I have reviewed, this one is completely clear, making it a bit hard to see wear you applied it. Luckily I had just gotten out of the shower and had my hair wrapped in a towel, or I know I would have gotten some in my hair! But at least you look a little less goofy as you're walking around the house... just more shiny than usual!

The Kit's Cucumber Peel Off Mask has a light cucumber smell; nothing overpowering. Although it feelt warm when I was first putting it on, as the mask hardens it feels cold and tingly. It was quite a nice feeling, especially after running this morning!

When I first tried to take it off, I thought "Uh-oh" as I couldn't easily find an edge. When I did locate one it peeled off very easily, almost all in one go! Do be more careful than I was not to get the mask in your hairline or eyebrows as it is just more mess for you to clean up, but that being said you will probably want to lightly cleanse your face afterwards to make sure you got all the residue off. I'm quite impressed by that and will definitely give the Kit's Peel Off Masks another go as this one left me feeling refreshed and softened. Success!

Catch another review next week, this time on Kit's Mud Mask with Chocolate! Yum!

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