Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cate's Morning & Nighttime Skincare Routine

I did a skincare routine a while ago and to be quite honest back then I was using, pardon my French, a shit ton of products on my skin and while that is okay if it works, it really was not working for me.

Since then, I have really dialled down the products I use on my face to truly essentials and I am much happier with the results. 

Nighttime Routine

I have had a love/hate relationship with my Clarisonic for the last little while, I think because I may have been over using it but now that I have found that right balance of using it for my particular skin type, I love it! I don't use it every night but I do use it at night when I wear a lot of extra makeup just to make sure it all gets off and to make sure my skin is thoroughly cleansed. 

This is one of my all time favourite cleansers, so much so that I bought the big tube. It is the only cleanser that I have found that keeps my skin consistently clear (aside from the occasional breakout) without stripping my skin and making it super dry and tight. 

This is a new toner for me (well a month or so) and I am liking it. I love anything citrus-y and this is great and I really do notice that my skin is brighter with it. 

I have been using this for a while now (expect a review/comparison post soon). I love it, I definitely notice a different in the appearance of my dark spots, more than any other corrector I have tried and I have tried a lot. This is my second bottle. 

I honestly don't know how much I can rave about this moisturizer. It is the perfect consistency, not too heavy, and it keeps skin moisturized and supple and provides relief for dry skin. It is great even in the summer time for drier skin because it does not feel heavy or as thought it would clog your pores.

This is one of the ones I don't use every single night, probably about 2-3 times a week, maybe more if my skin is acting up. I just love the way my skin reacts to oils on my face. This oil really does make me wake up glowing and with a more radiant and even skin tone. I am sad they don't sell this in a much bigger bottle. I will be reviewing this further soon. 

Morning Routine

My morning routine is a lot more simpler. 

This cleanser is super nice and gritty which I love and it contains Salicylic Acid (which works best for my skin at fighting breakouts) and Gycolic Acid which helps to exfoliate the skin. I like using a scrubbier cleanser in the morning because I don't use my Clarisonic in the morning so I miss out on exfoliation there but also because it helps my makeup apply smoother if my skin isn't rough. 

This may be my third or fourth bottle of this stuff and i was late to the bandwagon but I am not leaving. This is such a perfect daytime moisturizer and it is supposed to help even skin tone which is an added bonus.

Extra Stuff

These aren't my all time favourite wipes, I prefer the Neutrogena Night Calming ones but these are still better than a lot of others I have tried and they get the job done. I always follow up with a cleanser and never use just a wipe to take off makeup. 

I actually really dislike this eye makeup remover and much prefer the Neutrogena one but I have been testing this out and it will do for now but rest assured I will go back to Neutrogena very soon. 

Whenever there is a breakout, a clay mask is where I run towards. They work and sucking up and drawing out the impurities and this one is great. It is super affordable and you get a whole lot of product to last you through many spots. 

This is a little pricier of a spot treatment but you get a whopping 40ml which is more than more spot treatments and it actually works without over drying your skin and making it gross and peel-y, who wants that? 

Well there you have it, what I use for my skin. It may still seem like a lot but it has definitely narrowed down and keep in mind I don't use everything every single day. 

Also, I am missing an eye cream as you can tell, I just have not found one that I absolutely love lately so if you have a holy grail eye cream, please let me know in the comments!!!


  1. ooh great post! thanks for sharing your routine, i really need to remember to use my clarisonic more

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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    1. Thank you Helen. Yes the Clarisonic is so controversial sometimes but I really like it when I am using it the right amount for my skin type!
      That is a really cool giveaway!!!


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