Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to Pack Like a Pro: Weekend Trip Edition

I've been on a fair few number of trips and I really feel that I've got packing down to a science. I actually love packing. Every time I do it it's a challenge to take a little less, to fit everything together more expertly.

So today I am sharing my four simple tips for packing for a weekend trip that won't leave you stressed or exhausted.
  • Only take what you need. Really.
This applies to your makeup bag as well as your clothing. Make a list with what you absolutely need. Pare it down to the bare essentials for your face: a cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, and a small amount of makeup. Clothing wise, be conscious of how long you will be there and what activities you're going to be doing. My rule: Don't take more outfits than the days you will be there- otherwise you're over-packing!
  • Clothing can do double-duty.
Just because you wear it once doesn't mean you can't wear it again. Pack articles of clothing that go with everything. Thinking about what you wear in terms of colour and pattern is important here! That simple black shirt that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a skirt is a lifesaver. 
  • Accessories can completely change up an outfit.
A scarf, different shoes, or bold piece of jewelery can take simple pairings of clothes to the next level. If you're worried about getting bored with your clothing options or looking the same in every vacation picture, this will be your saving grace!
  • Sharing is caring.
If you're going on a trip with someone, there's no need to both pack the same shareable items. Toothpaste, hair straighteners/curlers, shampoo/conditioner, shaving gel and the like can be shared between the two of you, leaving more room for all those souvenirs. Of course, have this discussion before you go so it can both work to your advantage!

Does anyone have any more tips for packing light? I'd love to hear them!
Happy Vacationing!

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