Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BEDA Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone, 

Tomorrow launches my baby that I have been working on for a month now, BEDA (Blog Everyday in August). I am really excited for the blog posts I have lined up for all of you. Make sure to check back everyday, as there will be something new and exciting each and every day in August. Make sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss any fun posts in BEDA. 

I have worked really hard to create some interesting posts for you all. I already have written quite a few posts that are scheduled so that I won't fall behind and you won't  have to go a day in August without a post. I am very committed to BEDA and I really hope that you all enjoy the posts. 

I will talk to all of you tomorrow for an awesome post. Hint: It has to do with, surprise, surprise, SKINCARE!!!

(Note: All BEDA posts will go up at 9:00 am PST) 

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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