Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bonus Post: Pre BEDA Dog Love

Hello Everyone,

I am anxiously awaiting BEDA (Blog Everyday in August) which starts tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I would share a dog love post and reveal a little story about my favourite dog in the world.

Coco is a black labrador retriever and she is the second dog I have ever owned. The first was a half labrador retriever and half blue heeler (or Australian cattle dog) named Max. Max was the best dog a little girl could ask for. He was such a fearless Man dog. He was protective of me, he even chased my brother after he hit me (sibling problems). When we lost max, I was heartbroken because once you know the love of a dog (especially at such a young and happy age) you really don't want to live without. Finally when I was 16 (through lots of begging on my part) my parents decided we could get another dog. There was no question in my mind that I wanted another lab like Max so we went to a lady to go view some that she had.

I will admit, at first I did not want Coco. She didn't come to me first, she came to my dad which is why I wanted her sister who ran up to me but beggars couldn't be choosers so we ended up getting Coco. Coco still, I believe, loves my dad just a bit more but I know she loves me a lot as well. She is 9 years old now (in human years) and she is still just as hyper as before. I know she trusts me the most because I'm the only one she will let touch her while she eats. She is super spoiled because when she is sick I hand feed her (I know) but she is one of the most awesome and loyal dogs. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

I just love how her paw position resembles a heart shape. It just shows how much love she offers.

I hope you enjoyed this bonus post. Make sure to comment down below and tell me about the pets in your life and how the effect your lives.

I will see you tomorrow for Day 1 of BEDA!

- Stay Happy!
- Cate W.

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