Sunday, August 18, 2013

BEDA Day 18: Is Dior Addict Lip Gloss Worth the Added Cost?

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 18 of BEDA!

Today is another much loved makeup post. As mentioned before, I love reviewing pricier items for you guys so you know whether or not it is worth the hype/money. I rarely, if ever, buy expensive products on a whim. It takes time and research for me to spend my money on something that requires a bit more cost than other products similar to it. Name brands are specifically notorious for raking up prices on items just for the brand itself and less for the actual formulation of the product; but sometimes some name brands do it right and for me that is Dior Cosmetics. Everything that I have ever purchased, cosmetics wise (I can't really afford their fashion stuff), from Dior has always been superior quality. Now granted I have not tried all of the products in all of the lines that Dior offers, I have been impressed with everything that I have spent my well earned money on so far, one of which is the Dior Addict Gloss in the colour 643 Diablotine. 

This gloss is a beautiful pink with gold shimmers that reminds me of a slightly darker version of the NARS Orgasm Blush or Gloss. The colour of this gloss is phenomenal, but what I love specifically is the formulation. It is really hard to find a good gloss that meets a specific criteria. My criteria for an excellent gloss is as follows:

1) Long lasting: you don't want a gloss that lasts for about an hour and leaves without a trace. 

2) Pigment: Too many glosses look good in the tube but you can barely see it on your lips. 

3) Non-Sticky: You want your lipgloss to last but you don't want it to last while your hair gets stuck to it. 

This gloss meets all the above criteria so beautifully. It is a home run product for me. Of course the downside is the Dior price tag at $29.50 a tube but the positives really outweigh the cost for me on this one. This gloss does have a bit of a stick but it isn't going to grab your hair and never let go, it really is going to contribute to that lasting power. It also is highly pigmented which is really hard to find in a gloss these days especially on lips that are naturally darker pigmented (like mine) and need colour that will actually show up. The brush is also very easy to use. Generally I prefer doe foot applicators instead of brush tip for glosses because they tend to absorb more product but this brush is high quality and picks up colour seamlessly. Dior also offers a great colour selection on their glosses so I guarantee you'll find one you like. 

I hope you enjoyed Day 18 of BEDA! Stick around and catch up on the last 17 days if you have not already. I will see you all tomorrow for DAY 19. 

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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