Sunday, August 25, 2013

BEDA Day 25: My Perfume Collection and Top Perfume Picks

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 25 of BEDA,

Today I thought we would do a fun post. I found that the more personal the posts I do, the better the reaction so I decided to show you all my perfume collection (some of which are almost gone) and talk to you guys about my favourite picks and why I love them. I will also try to describe the scent as best as I can and talk about what occasion each scent can be worn. I hope you like this post, now let's get started...

Perfume: Amazing Grace by Philosophy
Now this perfume is the newest in my collection. I bought this perfume because I have always heard people raving about Philosophy perfumes and how wonderful they smell so when I went to buy Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser to try out I decided to smell a few scents as well. The lady was very helpful and allowed me to test each of the fragrances Philosophy offers. I fell in love with Amazing Grace (which afterwards she told me was their most popular scent) and I purchased it. This scent, you will notice, is much more mature than the other scents that I own but it is also very fresh and light. This fragrance has floral notes like Jasmine and Rose as well as fruity notes like mandarin and grapefruit. To me, the scent is more floral than fruity but I think the hint of fruit really makes it versatile for both day and night. It is fresh enough for day but mature enough to wear in the evening as well. I can definitely see why this is Philosophy's most popular scent.

Perfume: Dahlia Noir by Givenchy
This scent I bought for the first time as a birthday gift for my mother and ended up loving it myself that I went out and bought a bottle for myself. This scent is definitely floral and as you can tell by the name of the fragrance, it smells like Dahlia's. I love this scent because it is the most floral in my collection. Normally, I go for fruitier and sweeter scents but this really caught my attention and it is a nice change up. I would Definitely recommend this scent as a night time only scent. I think it may be too strong of a floral scent to be worn during the day. 

Perfume: Princess by Vera Wang
This is another very popular scent especially with the twenties crowd. This scent is the perfect mix for someone who is still young but wanting to bump up their sophistication (best way I can describe it). It smells mostly like Vanilla to me but not enough to be considered juvenile. This perfume really takes it to the next level. The amber and wood notes really spice up this scent giving it that mature aura while the vanilla keeps it young and sassy. This perfume is perfect for anyone trying to venture away from the overly fruity scents and go a little deeper. This perfume would be great for evening and daytime.

Perfume: Burberry Brit Sheer by Burberry 
This scent is the perfect young mix of floral and fruity (both scents I adore). I love this scent because it is so fresh and clean and yet sophisticated and likeable at the same time. I always get compliments from a wide variety of people when I wear this scent. It is one of those scents that I feel is almost universally liked. It has the perfect mix that appeals to most people. I would only suggest this as a daytime scent because it is too fresh to be worn at night. 

Perfume: Miss Dior by Dior
If anyone knows me, they know this is my scent. This is my all time favourite perfume, in fact I mention it in my Tag Questions to Get to Know Me Better blog post that you can check out here. This has been my favourite perfume ever since 2006 I believe (back when it was called Miss Dior Cherie). I guarantee if you smell this perfume it will become your signature scent. I try and experiment with different scents but this perfume will always be in my collection. My friends and family associate this scent with me (that's how much I wear it). One of the many reasons why I love it is because it is so versatile. This perfume is not too strong that you can't wear it during the day but it is still sultry enough to wear during the evening on a hot date. If I were to recommend one perfume from this list, this one would be it without a doubt. Go into your local department store and give this scent a sniff.

I hope you enjoyed Day 25 of BEDA! I will see you tomorrow for another exciting post!

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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