Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BEDA Day 27: August 2013 Top Box Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 27 of BEDA,

Today I am going to show you all what I received in my August 2013 Top Box. Top Box is a Canadian online product sample service, much like Birchbox (link here) that is quite popular in the United States, Top Box (link here) is quite popular in Canada and it actually took me a while being on the wait list to finally get an invitation to purchase the subscription. Top Box costs $12.00 for 4 luxury samples. I will say that sometimes I have gotten a full sized nail polish in my box which is always a nice bonus.

What I absolutely love about Top Box is that the brands that are featured are brands that I adore, such as Benefit and Clinique as well as Canadian brand Lise Watier. Top Box also has some really awesome packaging which adds a nice detail. I also like that Top Box ships from a town near my area so it takes me only a day to get my monthly boxes after they are shipped out.

I thought that this month I would show you what I got in my box and next month I will show you what I got in my September box while also reviewing the products that I used from my August box. That way you can get a sense of what I liked about the box and what I did not. So let's get started...

So each month, like many other monthly subscription boxes, you will get a card detailing the products that are inside and what they are meant to do. I always avoid looking at this card until the end because I like to be surprised at the products that I get.

1) The first product I received in my August Top Box is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +.

I was quite excited about this product. If you remember from my Review of the Clinique 3 Step Skincare System (link here) I was not fond of it but I did like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and I kept using it for the morning time as a light moisturizer. The lotion version is a bit thicker so it will be nice for nighttime as well as the colder weather which will arrive in Vancouver quite shortly.

2) Next I received the Miyu Teas and Beauty Hydrate Mi or De-Stress Mi Pairing. 

This product was interesting because I had never heard of the brand before and I liked the concept. So this comes with a hydrating mist and a bag of tea. The hydrating mist intrigued me because I had heard of people using them before but they seemed quite frivolous to me so I definitely wasn't going to spend my money on it but to get it as a sample and see the what the hype is about is cool and the tea... Well who doesn't like tea? 

3) Thirdly, I received the Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb Ultra Plus Gloss. 

This product excited me because I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics and their whole range of products so to try something new from them is very exciting and you can hardly ever go wrong with a lip gloss. 

4) Last and maybe least I received an eyeshadow refill size from Yaby Cosmetics in the shade Coolio Cucumber. 

Now, in my June Top Box I received another eyeshadow refill from Yaby Cosmetics in the shade Magic Timber and I fell in love with the formulation of the shadow and how pigmented it was. This time I am a little disappointed because I know this shade is not one I would use. This shade does not suit my skin tone and I am a little upset because I did fill in a form at the Top Box website so I'm slightly disappointed that a colour that definitely would not be good for me ended up in my box. 

So there you have it guys, my August Top Box! I will make sure to review these products for you next month when I reveal to you what I receive in my September Top Box. 

I hope you enjoyed Day 27 of BEDA! See you tomorrow :) 

Stay Happy!

- Cate W. 

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