Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Weekly Highlights

So if you follow me on twitter (link here) you will know that I have been wanting to make this blog more personal...

I have been thinking of adding things like "What I eat" posts and posts related to decor (I am in the midst of a bedroom transformation). I think this will be a fun element to the blog and it will allow you guys to get to know me better and you can comment back and I can get to know you as well.

I thought of this fun idea that I would do weekly highlight posts. Now these won't be done every week because my life can be quite boring and so I wouldn't want to make these boring and unbearable...

For this post I thought I would do a little more than a week and do the first 10 days of September.

Feel free to comment below and tell me about how your week is going...



 I have returned to school to finish up my third year of my four year degree... It has been really fun getting back into the groove of things. I took the summer off so I was quite bored and was actually really missing having the structure of a fixed schedule and assignments due. Although having the summer off did give me a bunch of time to do BEDA (Blog Everyday in August) it also made me anxious for school to start. 

I have a really fun teacher for one of my English classes this semester... He is really into dark arts and witchcraft so we are going to be looking at 17th century British literature from that perspective and me may even get to learn how to perform a seance... spooky...


Just Yesterday (Monday) I had my second closing shift at my new job. I started working at a Canadian retail store about a month ago as a key-holder and I did my second closing shift and I was a bit overwhelmed because it was quite busy for a Monday and it had been such a long gap since I did my first closing shift that I was afraid I was going to forget it all but it worked out great and we only had to leave 5 minutes later than schedule (ugh last minute shoppers...). 


I discovered a really awesome new cereal the other day whilst I was shopping at Wal- Mart. The cereal is by the brand Nature's Path and it is their Blueberry Cinnamon Flax cereal and it is stupendous. I love blueberry and cinnamon already and the flax is an added bonus of healthiness.  
Image curtesy of www.thereviewstew.com 

I have also been getting back into carbonated water. I was drinking carbonated water very much in the early Spring because I had given up pop but I recently started drinking pop again so I cut out carbonated water but now it is feeling really awesome to drink it again (I love Perrier's Pink Grapefruit flavoured the best). Now the only pop I allow myself to have is Ginger Ale because it calms my fussy tummy down.


So I have been lusting... I have wanted the Apple IMAC for an exceptionally long time. I currently own a Macbook Pro 15" laptop and although it is good and works amazing it is a bit straining to be on your computer all day with such a small screen especially since I already have sensitive eyes and now that I am back in school and committed to blogging as well I am spending way more time on the computer. I am thinking of saving up for the 27 inch.


This week was great because I have finally figured out what I am going to be giving away for my October giveaway. As many of you know if you read my Thank You post (link here) I will be doing a giveaway for blog followers in October and I was debating which products I should be giving away and I finally picked 2 that you will be familiar with if you have read BEDA. Their will be 2 products and 2 winners. Make sure you follow my blog to be eligible for the contest that will take place next month. 

So that is all that is new with me... Make sure to comment down below and tell me what is going on in your life...

Stay Happy!

- Cate W.

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