Saturday, March 15, 2014

Style Icon Saturdays By Meg - Featuring Audrey Hepburn

If I was to describe my style it would have to be something like "casual elegance". I don't like to look overdressed or vastly underdressed. I don't like to be uncomfortable. But I do want to look put together and have charming little outfits. Although I dabble in trends, I try to stay true to myself and what I like, often choosing classic over all else.

One of my most beloved style icons was absolutely adept at casual elegance: the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Although she could also dress with the best of them, looking fancy at award shows or in her films, she was always tasteful and understated. In her off-time Audrey perfected her casual, but still classic look. She is my reminder that a simple, but put together style is much better than an overworked and trendy one.

I have loved Audrey Hepburn for as long as I can remember and not in the I-like-to-gush-about-her-but-I-couldn't-name-any-of-her-movies kind of way. No, I have seen every movie of hers that I could get my hands on (Roman Holiday is my fave, or perhaps Funny Face or Sabrina) and read countless books (Check out An Elegant Spirit by her son Sean Hepburn or Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo).

I have learned so much from Audrey Hepburn, not just about style, but about living life gracefully.

She taught me how essential a little black dress is.
Image courtesy of Dead Curious

Image courtesy of Yummi Style

And perfect-fitting trousers.
Image courtesy of Life As I See It by Allison

Especially when paired with ballet flats.
Image courtesy of Comfronts Wear

Audrey taught me that dressing with simplicity is a better route than overdoing it.
Image courtesy of Sugar and Spice

She taught me to embrace my natural beauty.
Image courtesy of Historical Photos Daily

 Image courtesy of The Neo Traditionalist

Including my thick eyebrows.
Image courtesy of George's Journal

  Most of all, she taught me that the most important thing is not being beautiful, but being kind.
(This quote is actually not originally by Audrey Hepburn, but it is something that she lived by, often referencing it many times during her life. The credit goes to Sam Levenson.)

What I love most about Audrey isn't necessarily her fashion or physical beauty, but how her kind,  gentle, vibrant spirit shows through in everything that she did. She has the kind of beauty that shines out her eyes and smile, making her simply glow and she didn't need any fancy makeup or clothes to enhance her. Really, she could have worn a paper bag and we'd still be calling her a princess.

Image courtesy of The Neo Traditionalist

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