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Style Icon Saturdays By Meg: Featuring Emma Watson

Emma Watson is only 23, but she is very fashion forward. If I were to describe her style in a few words I would say it is: fresh, daring, and young. Although I wouldn't quite describe my personal style that way, I find that eyeing Emma's sharp clothing makes me more of a daredevil with my own fashion- it's always good to try new things!

Emma is a fashion risk taker with an eye for style. 
I absolutely adored her in this Custom Burberry gold dress paired with those high, high heels. This dress choice actually prompted me to buy a sequin-ny, purple dress in a similar vein for a New Years party; a dress I still bring out for special occasions.

Photo Credit: Glamour
I can't get enough of this Erdem dress with the lovely sheer panelling at the top and the bold print... it's very classic while still looking fresh and young. Perfect!

Emma is a fan of bold moves.

Miss Watson has a fabulous habit of shopping vintage, even for big events like premieres. It's paid off very well for her, even resulting in some of her favourite dresses including this vintage Ossie Clark dress she wore to the Harry and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in 2009

as well as this eggplant coloured 1920s gown she wore in 2004 to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premiere.

Emma mixes different styles together.

Masculine and Feminine

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Gorgeous red-orange Christian Dior dress in the front, interesting back pants at the Golden

Black Dior dress and trousers at The Perks of Being A Wallflower premiere. 

Some fashion folks were apt to say this was a miss, but I think she looks darling. The combination of the curly, girly hair with the unexpected fitted trousers was a great contrast and really made her stand out.

Classic and Edgy

Photo Credit: Glamour
A Burburry trench with studs? Yes, please!

Photo Credit: Glamour

I love the girly patterned skirt paired with the edginess of the black leather jacket! I'm not even much of a fan of black leather jackets, but this outfit makes me want one!

She isn't afraid to experiment and try new things which I think is important in fashion, especially on the red carpet, but it's also important in everyday life. What I love most about Miss Watson's style is that seeing her fashion she reminds me to take risks in my own style.  Taking risks in our everyday lives allows us to see what our true potential is. It may not always work out perfectly (even Emma Watson herself has had some duds), but as you become more comfortable taking risks, you end up learning a lot.

Emma also inspires me because her fashion choices seem so true to herself, like she wears what she likes and doesn't think about the fact that everyone else is watching. Of course, she has a stylist as most celebrities do, but I get the feeling that she does pick out her own things and she wouldn't wear something she didn't like just because someone told her too. No proof on that, but I have a good feeling. She's come a long way from her early years of filming Harry Potter in knowing what works and doesn't work for her did, but even her early fashion choices show someone who is experimenting and wearing what she likes which I find so admirable.

It's not just Emma Watson premiere style I love- her casual outfits are enviable as well.

Like Audrey Hepburn, Emma's casual style is quite achievable. We often see Emma in very fitted pants and ballet flats, often paired with a flowy scarf or one piece with something special about it (that purple cardigan or rhinestoned blazer, for example). The key to looking as chic and effortless as Emma is to keep it simple with your outfit, but then pick one piece that stands out to give it a little kick.

So go out there and be daring! Have fun with your fashion- Emma style!

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