Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Battle of the Samples

Samples are amazing. They let us try out products to see if they work for us before we purchase the (sometimes very expensive) real thing.

I've come across a few samples lately and I thought I would fill you in on which I would buy and which I would pass on.

Bioderma Solution Micellaire

Love it! It takes off most of my makeup, except the most difficult water proof mascara. It has an interesting, almost perfumy scenet which isn't the most appealing. I would definitely use this again.
Result: BUY!

L'Oreal BB Cream 

This one I would definitely not spend my money on. There was no coverage at all; it was completely sheer. It didn't cover up any of the redness I had that day or even my very light freckles. To make matters worse, it left me so shiny! It reminded me of those sunscreens that make you look so slick. It took me wiping off my face with a towel twice to look normal again! Definite pass in this one.

Result: PASS!

Rodial Glamtox Day with SPF 15

This is just a lovely moisturizer. I like that it has 15 SPF because it's a good skin protecting base (though you would need more protection come summer). It did not make me look shiny or greasy which was a plus. Just a good little moisturizer.
Result: BUY!        

Vitabath Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee 

This is a neat little shower or bath gel. I felt it did the job in making me feel clean. Mine was the "spring green" version which wasn't something I would choose myself, but it wasn't entirely unappealing. I'm more into vanilla, musky, or even fruity scents where as this was quite a stark, clean scent. This particular Vitabath is also bright green which is pretty neat, though the novelty wore off and I wouldn't purchase this particular scented one again!

Result: PASS!

Benefit Big Easy Liquid to Powder

I really like this better than BB cream! It has a SPF 15 so your skin gets a bit of protection as well as some coverage. It doesn't make you feel oily or shiny and doesn't leave your skin with a powdery texture either. The light / medium worked well for my super pale skin - and it wasn't too yellowish which often happens with other BB creams!

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Bliss Fab Foaming Face Wash
I was really impressed by this face wash! I recieved it when I bought my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (LOVE) from Sephora. It's a lovely blue colour, smells fruity (but isn't too overpowering), and very gently exfoliates your skin- emphasis on the gentle. I also really liked that it was not drying like some face washes can be.

I encourage everyone to go out there and get some samples before purchasing anything you are hesitant about or something particularly pricy! If you're anything like me, you don't have unlimited money to spend on products, especially products that don't do what you need them to! 

If you can't get your hands on a sample, often the lovely ladies at the counter can help you try a product you are interested in, or you can give them a test drive yourself at places like Sephora or Ulta.

Happy sample hunting!

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