Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kit Anti-Aging Facemask with Green Tea Review

This week I decided to try the Kit Anti-Aging Facemask with Green Tea for a few different reasons... One, I turned 25 on Sunday (!!!) so this is the perfect time to make sure I'm taking care of my skin. Two, I absolutely love green tea and think it's a marvelous to put on your skin (and drink!). Three, I was having a bad skin week as I was sick and getting up with a million little red dots under my eyes from broken blood vessels. Unfortunately, they take a few days to go away and I feel like this facemask has helped, though I still feel like I have the remnants of a black eye! So that's my explanation for no pictures with this post.

It's quite widely known that green tea has a lot of benefits, both when we drink it and when we apply it to our skin.

Green tea...
  • contains antioxidants which reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, including sun damage!
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties which soothes sensitive skin and reduces redness!
  • has anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce acne in a number of ways, including killing bacteria!
Just like the previous masks, the instructions for the Anti-Aging facemask were the same: cleanse your face, apply the mask evenly, massage into your face for 1 minute, leave on for 5 minutes, rinse off. 

This mask had more of a lotion quality than either the Kit Exfoliating Mask with Shea Butter or the Kit Detoxifying Mask with Tea Tree Oil, which were both very thick. However, it was not so thin that it dripped and I found it to be incredibly easy to remove, especially because it didn't harden like the other facemasks.

Wearing this facemask was cooling and calming: exactly what I expected! It helped my skin by reducing some of the redness and bringing some of the life back to it! I was feeling pretty blah about my skin beforehand, but this little mask seemed to brighten up my face and sooth a lot of the skin issues I had going on. I'm very thankful as my graduation is coming up and I want to look my best, especially in the pictures. This facemask is a very good start!

I will definitely be purchasing the Kit Anti-Aging Facemask with Green Tea again!

Until next time!

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