Friday, May 30, 2014

LUSH Seanik Bar Shampoo & Jungle Bar Conditioner Review

Seanik Shampoo - $11.95

This lovely little bar shampoo claims to do a lot: Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed are supposed to make your hair soft and silky, the sea salt is supposed to leave your hair volumized and voluptuous, and the lemon oil is supposed to make it shine like the sun.

But does it live up to those high expectations?

For the most part, yes!

After using Seanik for a few months, I am still loving it! The mimosa and jasmine oils it contains give it a lovely fresh, yet musky scent that I adore (my only complaint is that it fades too fast, as most shampoo smells do!). My hair is left feeling very clean and shiny, though I do think for the best results you should follow this shampoo with a good conditioner, especially if your hair is prone to tangling. As for the volumizing claim, I do feel that right after I wash it and for the next 24 hours or so, my hair is less limp and has more body; however, if you are expecting drastic results, you won't necessarily find them here.

I love how this shampoo foams so nicely! It's an incredibly easy product to use which makes it all worth while. I just rub it onto my hands (for a faster buildup) and apply to my hair. The LUSH website suggests swiping the wet bar along your wet hair once on the right, left, and back of your hair, but I find to really get that lather my way is preferable. If you have shorter hair, the LUSH way might work for you!

This picture compares my Jungle Condition after just a few washes and my Seanik Shampoo after months of use... still going strong!

I also found that these shampoo bars are very long lasting. I've had mine for months and there is still A LOT left! I have a feeling, though no concrete proof, that you use a lot less product in bar form than in liquid. I always have a habit of squeezing out too much! Despite the $11.95 price tag, I find I'm saving money with these products from sheer longevity.

Jungle Conditioner - $8.95

After being so happy with the Seanik Shampoo I was dying to try out LUSH's bar conditioners! I'm starting off with their Jungle Conditioner which is made primarily of fruits (kumquats, bananas, figs, kiwis, passionfruit and avocados!) and cocoa butter. Sounds simple and nourishing, which is all that I'm really looking for in a conditioner... I just want soft and silky hair that isn't weighed down!

The smell of this one is quite strong and fruity. I wasn't so sure about the smell when I first got it, but it has really grown on me- I just love it now!

This LUSH conditioner is not as easy to use as the shampoo because, like most other conditioners, it doesn't lather! That's fine when it's in liquid form, you can just slather as much as you want on your head (which I usually do!), but in bar form it is quite a conundrum. The best way I found was using it like soap (rubbing it my hands under hot water to get a good coating and then smoothing it in my hair) as well as rubbing the bar directly on the ends of my hair to take care of those nasty dry ends.

As someone who is used to putting a lot of conditioner on my hair (maybe more than I'm supposed to?!), using this was an adjustment! I think what I've realized by using Jungle is that bar conditioner is different than liquid conditioners and I can't expect them to feel the same in the shower. I do not get the same immediately silky feeling I did from the John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner I was using before this. However, when my hair is dry, it does feel conditioned; soft and silky, just not to the extent it did before. A key difference between the Jungle conditioner and the John Frieda conditioner I used before is their ingredient listing: LUSH uses fresh ingredients with no preservatives or harmful, hidden components. In light of this, I shouldn't expect the two products to act the same way.

A few things to note:
-These bar shampoos and conditioners are AMAZING for travelling! Especially when you are going on a plane and have to worry about the number of liquids you are allowed to take. When I went to Vegas I took my LUSH shampoo and didn't have to worry about getting flagged by security or if it would fit in my carry-on (thanks to it's compact size), plus no spills!
-The containers you can purchase for extra few dollars are definitely worth it, unless you have something at home to put them in or don't plan to take them with you if you travel. The container is less mess and fits all their round bar shampoos and conditioners perfectly.
-There are no parabens, phthalates or other damaging ingredients in LUSH products. They are also cruelty free and many of them are vegan (Seanik and Jungle both are!). I feel really good using these products because they are healthy and not harmful to me or to animals!
-I've started to use the Jungle Conditioner on my legs for a silky and nourishing shave!

I've enjoyed these products so much that I'm curious to try out some more LUSH shampoos and conditioners; particularly their Big Solid Conditioner (sea salt and coconut oil? I'm in!) and their Godiva shampoo (made with shea butter and nut oils).

What LUSH shampoos and conditioners have you tried? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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