Friday, June 27, 2014

Kit Softening Face Mask with Strawberry Yogurt

This week's facemask is the Kit Softening Facemask with yummy strawberry yogurt! This mask is pretty much what you would expect... it felt just like I was putting strawberry yogurt on my face!

Just like the majority of the Kit facemasks  I cleansed my face with warm water, applied the facemask, rubbed it in for a minute, left it on for 5 minutes more, washed it off, and voila! 

The smell is quite like strawberries, but it seems almost a bit perfume-y? Not necessarily in a bad way. The texture is creamy and thick. I really liked how it felt on my face as it was very cooling and moisturizing.

This mask would be a good one to try if you have sensitive skin. It offers a light tingly feeling, but is very gentle on the skin. I even used it two days in a row to try and combat my thirsty skin with no ill effects, not that I recommend doing that necessarily.

Thanks for reading- let me know your face mask recommendations in the comments!

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