Sunday, August 31, 2014

E.O.S Shaving Cream Review

I purchased the EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in lavender jasmine because I has heard great things about the brand. My legs are really sensitive to shaving, so even though this cream was a bit pricier than the comparable brands, I knew I to try it.

I was throughly impressed by this shave cream's moisturizing power; it greatly reduced the amount of irritation I usually get. Maybe it's because this little bottle is packed with natural conditioning products, Shea butter, and vitamins e and c. It's also phthalate and paraban free (yay). 

My one complaint about this product is that it's pump doesn't not get about half the product out. It's stuck in the bottom and on the sides causing you to have to unscrew the lid and try to scrape it out. Not a fun task when you're trying to minimize your shower time.

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