Friday, August 15, 2014

First Impressions: Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation

Hello again everyone,

Today I am coming at you with a first impressions review of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel serum Foundation. 

I have heard a lot of people in the beauty community on YouTube talk about this one, especially beauty bloggers/vloggers from the UK because I think this foundation is more readily available in the UK.

Here in Canada, however it is a bit tougher to get your hands on. They do sell it at Shoppers Drug Mart locations however, only select locations carry Bourjois and not all so i did travel out of my town to get a bottle.

Product Info: In Canada, I purchased this foundation for $27.00 for a standard 30ml size.

Consistency: The consistency of this foundation is definitely on the light side. In fact when I first held the bottle I thought there was nothing in it. It is almost weightless and it does have that feeling when you put it on your skin. It is not too heavy or a fuller coverage. You all may know that I do enjoy my heavy coverage, thicker foundations but it is nice for the summer time to have a much lighter consistency.

How I Use It: Now since this is a first impressions review, I have only used this product once. I did apply it with my fingers. I also wanted to test out the lasting quality on it's own so I did not apply any concealer over top but I did use a pressed powder to set everything in.

My Thoughts: I really loved this foundation. It was incredibly light but it gave a good standard medium coverage. It did not feel heavy or cakey on the skin and it glided over my skin quite nicely. I loved that it covered what I wanted it to cover and didn't look like I packed on a bunch of makeup on my face.

Overall: I would definitely recommend giving this foundation a try if you are curious about it because it is a great summer time foundation because of it's light consistency coupled with it's decent coverage. It also did last very well on my skin without any touch ups. I had a cold the day I tried it so I expected it to run off a lot on my nose area but I was quite surprised that it held up quite well.

*One thing to note is that the shade selection is very minimal. I only saw 4 shades at my local store. I bought the shade 56, which is a bit on the light side for me but still workable. I have seen that Bourjois does offer more shades but maybe just not in Canada. I can't imagine anyone with even darker skin tone than me being able to find a shade.

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