Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Alright: Dark Spot Correctors

So it is finally time for another instalment of my little series. This time I am focusing on Dark Spot Correctors.

As you may know from previous posts, I have been fighting a long and arduous battle with my dark spots which were leftover from last years serious breakout session. So I have tested out quite a few of them and have been generally left quite disappointed by most.

Back in January I reviewed the Kiehl's Dark Spot Solution which you can see here, and I was left very discouraged by the results. Since then I have tried 3 new dark spot treatments that I will talk about now.

Vichy PROEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector

I was really excited to try this one from Vichy because I have had a lot of luck with the brand. During the winter time when I was experiencing many dry patches I reached for their Aqualia Thermal line and found my skin some relief so naturally I wanted to give their dark spot treatment a go. 

Texture and Application: This product honestly feels like a light weight moisturizer rather than a serum based formula which most of the corrector I have encountered in the past have been. The instructions say that you can apply a moisturizer over top the corrector which I did end up doing on occasion but a lot of the time, the product itself is enough. 

Results: I did not see a great deal of results from this product. I liked the lightweight texture especially for the warmer weather. This product contains Vitamin C which is actually a brightening product that generally works for me really well but I am not sure the percentage of Vitamin C in this product but it had no effect on my skin. 

Overall: This product is on the bad list. At the highest cost on this list, I expected much more. I did not even see a gradual lightening of my darks pots with this. It just didn't do the one thing it was claiming to do which is huge FAIL!

This Serum was another one that was high on my list of products to try. Especially since it can be easily accessible and affordable at the drugstore and I have also read lots of blogs and articles raving about it. 

Texture and Application: This has a straight up serum consistency. It is light and gives off a pearlescent glow after it is applied to the skin. It has a couple different acid type ingredients in it so it does sting sensitive skin just a bit (especially after you have used some wax) but it is not unbearable at all. 

Results: I actually did see a bit of results with this product especially toward the beginning. I ended up using 2 bottles of this because I was definitely pleased after the first bottle was all done. I did however, notice that the second bottle I used of this did not bring me too many results. I think maybe my skin got used to the product and it stopped working. 

Overall: I was quite pleased with this product at first but in terms of using it as a long term product in my daily routine, I probably wouldn't because I stopped seeing results. 

I decided to try this dark spot corrector because a while back I tried Garnier's Dark Spot Treatment Mask and I fell in love with it and I almost instantly saw results and my skin was brighter so I knew I had to try this next product in the range. 

Texture and Application: The texture of this is more like a tacky gel. It is a but sticky but it does absorbs very well into the skin. I wait five minutes before I apply my night time moisturizer over top. Also, since this is a night time peel, I only use it before bed. 

Results: I definitely have been seeing results with this product. Some of my dark spots have completely dissipated and the newer ones are dramatically lightened. 

Overall: I am super pleased with this corrector. I am seeing good results in a decent amount of time and I also am not spending a fortune which is a bonus. 

I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Alright. Let me know your experiences with these or any other dark spot correctors because I would love to hear what has worked for you.  

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