Monday, May 25, 2015

Pasta with Smashed Peas, Sausage, and Ricotta Cheese (Original Recipe by Giada De Laurentiis

I found this recipe on the Food Network website.

As many of you know I love pasta so I am always on the hunt for new pasta recipes and I am a big fan of Giada's recipes and this was a simple one to try out.

You can find the original recipe here.

The First this you need to do is boil your pasta. Now the recipe calls for Tagliatelle but I did not find that at my local grocery store so I used Linguine but you could also use Fettuccine. 

Next I have all my other ingredients laid out and measured. Italian Sausage, Peas, Ricotta Cheese, Pecorino Romano Cheese, Olive Oil, Basil, and Garlic. 

Next you want to heat up the Olive Oil and Garlic. The recipe calls for 2 cloves of Garlic but I actually doubled that just because I love Garlic. 

You then want to add your Italian Sausage and cook till it is browned. 

Once the Italian Sausage is cooked you can remove it and set it aside. Add your Peas to that same pan and cook making sure to smash the Peas. Once that is done add in your Pasta and your Ricotta Cheese and mix everything together (you can also add some of the Pasta water to the dish in order to make the Pasta a little more moist, I found I did have to do this). You then add back your Italian Sausage as well as your Basil and Pecorino Romano Cheese and stir. 

Your Pasta should look something like this when you are done. 

I definitely enjoyed this pasta even though I am not the biggest fan of Peas. Next time I may try this with another vegetable. 

Let me know if you make this in the comments down below or share with us on Twitter!

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