Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback: Our Trip to Seattle: Part 1

Last Summer, Meg and I as well as our mutual friend took a weekend trip to Seattle. 

I meant to share this post as soon as it happened but that was right around the time my computer died and we got super busy and took a long break from blogging. 

I still wanted to share these pictures and our trip because I think Seattle might be a destination many people would like to visit this upcoming Spring and Summer so hopefully our visit might inspire you if you plan on visiting Seattle anytime soon. 

Look for Part 2 coming your way next week. 

The Journey Started with firstly a skytrain ride to Vancouver and then a 3 hour long bus ride from Vancouver to Seattle. We encountered a bit of a mishap when Greyhound cancelled our bus and we were not informed so we had to take another bus to get there... not fun!

We stayed at a wonderful Air BnB location and our host picked us up from the bus loop and dropped us off at Seattle's most iconic destination: Pike Place Market. 

Look at all that Fresh Fruit! We did end up picking some up to eat the next morning. 

A little glimpse of the first Starbucks. 

Our friend Rebecca in awe... and a bit of disgust at the famous gum wall.

Next we headed off to the Seattle Aquarium where I miraculously transformed into a Jellyfish!

Meg did too... there's something in the water I tell you. 

Meg isn't even close in height to a 12 foot long Sixgill Shark!


"Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming"

Typical Pose

A lovely harbour 

An otter peeking his head out (that's me in the reflection)

Mr. Otter lounging about. 

"Gosh these people won't stop taking pictures of me. I know I'm fabulous but come on..."

After the Aquarium and the early morning of travel we wanted relax and eat. We are big blog readers here and one of Meg's favourite blogs is Orangette whose writer Molly Wizenberg owns a restaurant, Delancey with her husband so we knew we had to check it out. 

The Wait for the restaurant was long so we popped on over to Essex. 

Where I enjoyed a Mexican Coca Cola which is apparently made from Cane Sugar and it is super delicious and far less sickeningly sweet than regular Coca Cola. 

We also had some avocado toast which was delicious. 

Yes, we take group selfies in restaurants. Casual. 

A little glimpse of Essex bar. 

By the time we got into Delancey we were starving. I didn't even take a picture of the menu or settings (bad blogger) but I did manage to get a glimpse of the delicious Margherita pizza before every last crumb was devoured. 

After dinner we enjoyed a nice long but leisurely walk home (we needed to walk off that yummy pizza) and we fell asleep shortly after; we needed to get our rest because day 2 was just as busy. 

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