Sunday, September 1, 2013

BEDA is Over: A Thank You

Hello everyone,

As BEDA is now over I wanted to take this time to give you all a very sincere and heartfelt Thank You. I know that their really are the few of you who went back to the blog every single day in August to check out the new posts and I really appreciate each and every one of you who made the effort and took the time out to sit down and read my posts. I know I am not a famous blogger by any means and am only new to the game but to know that their are still some of you out their who show your support is truly astounding and I am very grateful.

During BEDA I was lucky enough to get tweets and mentions of my blog posts by Top Box Canada, Josie Maran, Benefit Cosmetics, and Perricone MD. Those are some big names and I really feel giddy about that.

I want you to know that just because BEDA is over does not mean that the posts will end. I will continue to post regularly to this blog so make sure to check back. Skincare is my passion and if you don't follow me on twitter you should (link here), I mentioned on twitter, a new thing that I wanted to start which is "Cleanser Spotlight" where I test out new cleansers each month and review them on the blog in a spotlight type of post. I may do the same with moisturizers and toners and other skincare products in the future.

As school is starting in a couple of days I know that I will be busy with that plus work but I am committed to this journey. You all have shown me how supportive you can be and getting that support has really made me want to pursue blogging a lot more... After all it's something that I love and we should always do things we love because that is when we are truly happy. I feel like I have finally found something to look forward to and be happy about during this time in my life and I don't want it to end just yet.

Writing these posts and having something to look forward to was really exhilarating. I am really proud of myself that having never blogged before that I was able to keep my promise and post blogs on my scheduled timeframe and not miss a day. At times it was hard when I came home tired from work and was not finished with a post that needed to go up the next morning but those are the times when you realize just how much you love and enjoy something that you're willing to stay committed to it.

This has been such an awesome (yes I am using that word a lot today but that is just how I feel) journey. I hope that you will stay tuned to my blog. I have lots of things coming up. I even plan on doing some giveaways once tuition and books are paid for and I will have some extra money to spend on some cool prizes so make sure that you follow my blog because only blog followers will have the ability to be eligible for winning prizes (it's only fair).

Thank You once again for your support and I hope you stay with me for more of this journey. Lots of love.

Stay Happy!

 - Cate W.

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